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About Us

ORIGIN8 is a lifestyle and entertainment platform with an editorial edge given over to amplifying the UK’s diverse traditional attitudes deep rooted in Afro-Urban culture.

The collective effort of our contributors fuels our authentic curation of both the latest and best in music, style, tech, entertainment, culture, experience, viral news and trends.

The messaging of our aspirational content is tastefully delivered through features, voguish visuals and digital sound which escort the young at heart on a journey into a world of lavish experiences, cool stuff and raw excitement.

We employ the potential reach of our platform to drive traffic to third-party sites of creatives, entrepreneurs, influencers and brands. Lifestyle influencers are profiled with a view to inspiring our audience to live out loud, whilst purveyors of relevant businesses leverage our branding and media networks.

Our commitment to music promotion sees us deep-linking anchor tracks of selected artistes directly to their music catalogue on commercial streaming apps is strategically designed to make our playlist (PRESS PLAY) the most sought after for ramping up more commercial streams.


ORIGIN8 is the essential guide to cool ‘cos We Amplify Culture!